District "O" is a part of Multiple District 7 (MD-7) of Arkansas Lions and are proudly represented by the official state patch shown on the right. As a multiple district we are a part of the International Association of Lions Clubs.  Therefore, to learn about our district is to learn about Arkansas Lions, which is also to learn about the International Association.

Founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1917, by businessman Melvin Jones, it has become the world's largest service club association.  Currently there are approximately 1.3 million members serving in more than 45,000 clubs in 200  countries and geographical areas.  In addition, we are the ONLY service organization accepted to operate in China. In the U. S. there are 459,531 Lions in 14,170 clubs, and in Arkansas there are 4,850 Lions in 168 Clubs. The association is both non-political and non-sectarian. Lions are best known for their sight-related programs, including SightFirst, the world's largest blindness prevention program.

Since its inception in 1917, Lions Clubs International has been dedicated to helping those less fortunate in their communities and around the world. Then came our biggest task.  At the 1927 international convention, Helen Keller  challenged the Lions of the world to become "knights of the blind".  In that one stirring moment, the Lions accepted the challenge.  Since then, cutting across all national, racial and cultural boundaries, our activities have included:

  • Sight conservation and work with the visually impaired.
  • Hearing conservation and work with the hearing impaired.
  • Citizenship, educational, health and social services.
  • Youth programs including drug education and prevention, community outreach and volunteer programs.
  • Diabetes detection and research.
  • Work for international cooperation and understanding, including international youth camps, youth exchange programs and Lions International Peace Poster contest 
(*for information on sight and hearing projects IN ARKANSAS, 
click here to go to the "Lions Projects" page)
Our motto, "We Serve",  became the association's official motto at the International Convention in New York City in 1954, but as you can see, we were "practicing what we preached" many years before that.

Our most valuable assets are the members in individual clubs, giving freely of their time and talent to help those less fortunate than themselves. Our members in the community clubs are dedicated to the idea that the men and women who live in a community are in the best position to know who needs help and why. They know "first hand" that, through membership in a Lions club, people not only help those in need, but have opportunities to develop personal friendships and gain valuable leadership skills.  They also know that if you feel good when you donate money to a charity, you feel great when you donate your time.  Clubs meet at least twice a month and elect officers annually, and, in Arkansas, have a state convention where Lions from around the state meet to discuss new ideas, share experiences and reaffirm friendship and fellowship.

WE INVITE YOU TO CONSIDER MEMBERSHIP.  Membership is open to men and women of legal majority and good reputation in the community, and is by invitation only.  If you think you have the qualities to become a Lion, and are interested in membership, go to our Club Locater Map by clicking here and follow the instructions.  They will lead you to a point of contact, the first step on a road to "feeling good".